About Us

Northland Bus Services Ltd. (NBSL) school bus service was created to provide parents with a transportation alternative in getting their children to and from school in a safe and affordable manner. We only hire drivers that are experienced and are known for their professionalism. They are trained and are always updated on the policy changes that are made by the government.

The Northland Bus Services Ltd. understands that busing is an essential service for all families; this is why we are committed to operate in a way where we can stay cost-effective, efficient and safe. Another thing about us is that at Northland Buses we prioritise the safety of every child that’s riding one of our buses. We make sure that the journey can remain peaceful and safe for everyone that is inside our vehicles. Also, the Ministry of Transportation recognises us with a good rating.

Why Northland Buses?

  • We are certified to transport children to schools
  • We maintain high standards
  • We prioritise safety
  • We offer affordable services so every parent can partner with us
  • We only hire experienced drivers that can be friendly with kids
  • We are rated by the Ministry of Transportation
  • We practice COVID guidelines that are currently implemented by the government
  • We, our staff and drivers, are fully vaccinated





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